Pump Strong Cards

[This is a follow-up to my previous post: The secret to success as an (exclusive) pumper]

First, I’d just like to say how unbelievably proud I am to be a part of this AMAZING community of (exclusive) pumpers–past, present, and future. The amount of support and appreciation I have seen every single pumper show each other warms my heart. I have never felt or seen so much encouragement from any other community that I have been a part of (and there have been many over the years). And that’s why I am ecstatic that so many of you want to wear Pump Strong bands. We get to show encouragement to others without even having to say anything!

In the meantime, a couple of my pumping pals (see what I did there) suggested that I make Thank You cards for other pumpers, similar to the Thank You cards that have been made for moms that breastfeed. So, I did just that. Feel free to print some out and subtly give them to fellow pumpers when you spot them. (A big thank you to my friend, and fellow EPer, Kelly Smith for coming up with the wording for these cards.)

(Print as a PDF)

I should be receiving the Pump Strong bands in about two weeks. Please keep this message alive. The more of us that wear the bands, the greater the chances we’ll know a fellow pumper when we see one!

For detailed information on the Pump Strong bands, see my previous post… The secret to success as an (exclusive) pumper.

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