Please note that I am not a trained professional. I am a mom who pumped for just over 10 months (at home for 7, and at work for 3). This blog is about sharing what has (or has not) worked for me. Keep in mind that we are women of all shapes and sizes. Our bodies will react differently to many things, and our experiences will therefore vary quite a bit. Our babies are different too. What has worked for mine might not work for yours. That being said, I have spent many months reading whatever I could get my hands on when it came to pumping (the information out there is sadly quite limited) and seeking advice wherever I could get it (the ladies in this group have been amazing). The information I share in this blog is a conglomeration of all that information coupled with my own personal experiences. My goal is to provide as much information on pumping in one place as possible (to fill the information gap that is unfortunately out there at the moment), and my hope is that my readers will find at least some (if not most) of what I write, helpful.

For information from trained professionals (mostly on breastfeeding, but some on pumping as well), please visit the La Leche League International website, the World Health Organization website, and Kellymom.com.

Thanks for reading, and good luck on your pumping journey!

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