Hi! My name is Nicole Filippone, and I’m a second (and third) time mom who stumbled my way through my first (intense) pumping journey, and now am stumbling through my (even more intense) second pumping journey for my twin baby girls. I’ve learned quite a bit as I went along, and I’d love to pay it forward and pass along the information to as many pumping mommas as possible.

Questions? Reply to any of my posts or send me a note directly to ExclusivePumpers@gmail.com.

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  2. Hello I have a little one who was born October 24th. Currently I breastfeed but am looking to exclusively pump once I return to work in 5 weeks. Is it possible to still breastfeed at night? Will this cause confusion?

    ***id also like to note my LO spent his first week in Nicu during this time I exclusively pumped every 2-3 hrs

    • For some strange reason I never got notified about your comment. So sorry I’m responding so late.

      From what I’ve heard from other pumping moms, it is absolutely possible to continue nursing at night. Personally, I had to switch to EPing because I just couldn’t find a good way to juggle both nursing and pumping. But, that is mainly because I’m pumping, and caring for, twins… and also have a toddler to worry about. But, you should absolutely be able to pump during the day and breastfeed at night.

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