Pumping vs. Formula Cost Comparison Infographic

Please note that this infographic does not include costs associated with freezing and storing milk (which can be quite costly). See additional assumptions below.

For more on comparing the cost of formula to breast milk see Reality Check: Cost Comparison

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2 thoughts on “Pumping vs. Formula Cost Comparison Infographic

  1. I thought of doing this exact same thing! Except for me, I would include the cost of supplements for low supply. I buy fenugreek and another lactation aid supplement and those are very expensive. Another cost factor that often isn’t figured when people say that breast feeding is so much cheaper than formula is the time. Time away from work, less productivity because of less sleep, less time spent with your family and your baby, these should also be figured into the costs of breastfeeding/pumping vs formula feeding. I’m all for breastfeeding and I’ve been pumping for 18 weeks now but when people say that breastfeeding is “free” or cheaper compared to formula feeding, I just have to disagree.

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